California Infernal

"California Infernal is an elegant, collector-quality book" - Michael A. Aquino

California Infernal – Press & Reviews

“I can’t stop flipping through the pages over and over again” Fredrik Strage, DN

“A wonderful book of photographs documenting the LaVey/Mansfield relationship” – Ultra Swank

“California Infernal is an elegant, collector-quality book in its hardcover edition, right down to its red-ribbon placeholder. The tasteful binding and dramatic cover-backings complement 150 pages of black-and-white and color photographs.”  Michael A. Aquino

“This is everything you want in a photography book.” Ashley, The Eternal Jayne website

“Anton Szandor LaVey in full Satanic Majesty” Kenneth Anger

“A gorgeous hardcover photography book” – Christopher Bickel, Dangerous Minds

“…the images give off a gemutlich, family album vibe despite the nudity, pentagrams, and skulls. – Albert Mobilio, Bookforum

“I love this book. It’s the closest thing to being there for those of us who were born too late.” (a happy customer)

“California Infernal is an excellent coffee table book for conversation!” – Left Hand Path Books

“A wildly weird photo documentation of the stranger-than-fiction relationship between buxom blond glamour goddess Jayne Mansfield and the devilishly handsome High Priest of Satanism Anton LaVey.” – DAP

“…a coffee table conversation starter. Who could resist peeking into the infamous  Black House in San Francisco?” – Goth Shopaholic

“Unlike many of today’s super-sterile, so posed they’re positively embalmed and sickeningly sycophantic celebrity photo-books, California Infernal often seems shockingly raw, imperfectly focused and scathingly candid.” – QX Magazine

“…a voluptuous photographic re-enactment of the curious relationship between Jayne Mansfield & Anton LaVey” – Soap Plant Wacko

“Fans of 1960s kitsch Satanism and cult movie icons will find this irresistable.” – The Reprobate

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On display were rare and never-before-seen photographs, writings, personal items and artifacts from LaVey’s Black House in San Francisco, including his beloved organ. Filmmaker and Hollywood Babylon author Kenneth Anger appeared for a talk, and industrial musician Boyd Rice and LaVey’s daughter Karla held a Q&A upstairs at magic-themed bar Black Rabbit Rose. The night included a live performance by Twin Temple and a midnight ritual performed by Steven Leyba and Jeanelle Mastema. “LA Weekly”

In the Movies Mansfield 66/67
Exhibition 2017 (Lethal Amounts)
Exhibition 2017 (Satanism Today)

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Photos featured in the 2019 An American Satan movie